Further abstract

of the title of Mrs Ledyard to Lot 2 purchased by Mr Jn Dunford for 87£ & for Lot 1 for 153£, Wickham, Frome

Further Abstract of the Title of Mrs Ledyard to Lot 2 purchased by Mr Jn ? Dunford for 87£ …

11th June 1800 By Indre of 4 parts of this date between Wm Sheppard Gentn/ since deced /of the 1st part Anne Sheppard one of the daughters of the Sd William Sheppard/ of the 2d part the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard of the 3d part & William/ Sheppard Clothier Thomas Sheppard Factor / two of the sons of the first named/ William Sheppard / & Edward Phillips Clothier of the 4th part

Being the Settlement made previously to & in contemplation of the marriage of the said Thos Whitaker Ledyard with the said Anne Sheppard which was afterwards had & solemnised. The said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard covenanted with the said Wm Sheppard the son Thomas Sheppard & Edward Phillips their exors & admors That the heirs exors & admors of him the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard should within 3 calendar months next after his decease pay unto the said Trustees etc – £10,000

Declaration & agreement that the said Trustees etc should invest the said £10,000 in their names in or upon Governmt or real or other securities in the names of the sd Trustees & shod stand & be pofsed thereof In trust to pay the interest divids etc into the proper hands of the said Anne Sheppard during her life for her own proper use & benefit And after her decease In trust to call in the said sum of £10,000 or make sale of the Securities whereon the same shod be then invested & pay & apply the whole money arising by such sale in manner thereinamentd – namely –

Unto any one child or between or amongst any two or more children of the body of the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard on the body of the said Anne Sheppard his then intended wife to be begotten in such parts shares & proportions at such age or ages days & times & subject to such cond~ons restrictions & limit~ons over/for the benefit of some or one such children/& in such manner & as the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard at any time or times during his life by any Deed or writing with or without power of revocatn to be by him sealed & delivered in the presence of & attested by two or more credible witnefses or by his last will & Testamt in writing etc- to be by him signed & published in the presence of the like number of witnefses shod direct limit or appoint give or bequeath the same

And in default of such direction etc As the said Anne Sheppard / in case she shod survive the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard / shod after his dec~e by any deed or writing to be by her sealed & delivered as aforesd  or by her last will & Testamt in writing etc to be by here signed & published in manner aforesd direct limit or appoint give or bequeath the same But never~lefs so as any appontmt to be made by the said Anne Sheppard alone shod be made during her widowhood

And in default of some such appontmt gift or bequest as afsd Upon trust for all & every the children of the said marre equally to be divided between them if more than one share & share alike And if there shod be but one such child then for such one child the shares of Dau~rs to be paid at 21 or days of marriage and the shares of Sons at 21 etc And in default of Ifsue etc Then In trust to pay afs~n & transfer the same after the decease of the said Anne Sheppard unto the Exors Admors or afsns of the said Thos Whitaker Ledyard for their own use & benefits

Duly executed & attested

The following section has been deleted;

1836 Indre between the said Anne Ledyard widow of the said Thomas Whitaker Ledyard of the one part & Anna Martha Ledyard spinster eldest Daughter of the said Anne Ledyard of the other part Reciting the above abstracted Settlemt And the death of the Sd Thomas Whitaker Ledyard without having executed any appointtof the said £10,000 either by Deed or will in purs~ce of the power contd in said Settlemt And that the said Anne Ledyard has determd in pursuance of the power of Appointmt now vested in her as such surv~or as afsd to appoint the said sum of £10,000 unto the said Anna Ledyard alone & exclusively of any other child or children of the marre of the said [Remainder missing]

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