Cruse Family

Records of St. Lawrence, Rode

170) [19]. Coffin-shaped Coped Stone (all panels are very worn) within a kerb, which once had iron railings on it. Central south panel: �In memory of / Jeremiah CRUSE / who died 1st? June 1799 / aged 70 years� (PR: buried 4 June 1799. See also church interior memorial, no.4). Left-hand south panel: �In memory of / Mary, wife of / Jeremiah Cruse / who died ��� 178- / (one line illegible)� (PR: �Mary, wife of Jeremiah Cruse� buried 26 April 1785). Central north panel: �In memory of / Mary, wife of / (one line illegible) / who died ��.. 1810 /

����������� aged �� (PR: �Mary, wife of Jeremiah Cruse, of Bath� buried 12 May 1810). Nobody given in 1909 Graveyard Register.

4)+��� Brass Plate on west wall. �In memory of / William RODDOWAY, Clerk of Wolverton, aged 72 years / and / Jeremiah CRUSE, Clerk of this parish, aged 70 years / who / having lived in habits of friendship / and / mutual assistances in their parochial offices / during a long term of years / entered immortality nearly together / and were both interred / the 4th day of June 1799� (see also churchyard memorial for Jeremiah Cruse, no.170).

Cruse Apprenticeships

Some copies of Indentures obtained from Wiltshire Archives:

(….) relationship to Keith Cruse

John Cruse (4 x great-uncle) of North Bradley is Apprenticed to John George, Broad Weaver of North Bradley on 4th. July 1729

Jeremiah Cruse (4 x great-grandfather) of North Bradley is Apprenticed to Henry Harvy, Narrow Weaver of Rode on 3rd. December 1737.

Ann Cruse (1st. cousin 5 x removed) of Rode is Apprenticed to Jeremiah Cruse, Narrow Weaver of Rode on 3rd. October 1747.

NB.� Jeremiah Cruse born 1728, creator of 1792 map of Enclosure of Rode Common, long serving clerk of Rode parish, died 1799

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