Samuel Day – Lord of Rode Manor – 1792? to 1806

Extract from “A Brief History of Hinton House” ( )

“… the property [Hinton House] devolved on his two great nieces, Catherine and Mary Jacob. Mary Jacob, having bought out her sister’s interest in the estate, married Stephen Skurray of Beckington; and their only surviving child, Mary, born in 1765, succeeded to the Grange Estate. She married in 1786 Samuel Day of Burnett near Keynsham where he owned “lifeland” (a now obsolete tenure) which reverted on the failure of the live s to Whitson ‘ s Charity, Bristol. Mr. Day’s portrait at the age of 23, by Samuel Woodforde, R. A. ,is still to be seen. He was High Sheriff of Somerset in 1797. Mr. Day died in 1806 as the result of a fall from the hustings at Bridgwater, during the nomination of a member of Parliament for the County. Samuel and Mary Day had two children, Mary, who died at the age of 6 (the not unnatural result of being planted in a garden bed, and watered by her brother to make her grow), and Samuel Skurray born 1787 …

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