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Sidney Alley

Sidney Alley – Location not known but, based on position in census, possibly between 9 and 11 High Street

Above: 1886 Ordnance Survey map

Census 1851

Robert Godwin (55) coal haulier; Ann Morgan (60) pauper; William Francis (42) agricultural labourer; Eliza Say (42) seamstress; Solomon George (46) agricultural labourer; George Godwin (44) cloth millman.

Church Rate Book 1856

William Offen; Solomon George; Jane Pritchard; William Holland; William Francis; Wilcox

Church Rate Book 1862

William Moon; John Walker; Solomon George; Louise Pritchard; Widow Holland; John Sweet; Peter Broadway

Church Rate Book 1864

Mrs Holdway

Church Rate Book 1867

Henry Moore

Census 1881

Thomas Perrot (51) agricultural labourer; John Costa (54) unemployed; Harriett Taggart (72) unemployed; Jeremiah Toop (35) woollen cloth

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