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Shawford House

Extract from “History of Some of the Old Buildings in Rode” by Dawna Pine, second edition

Shawford House is listed as 17th century although the existence of a mansion here was also mentioned in the 1516 reference to the mills. This is another house rebuilt by Jonathan Noad, this one for his second son Humphrey Minchin Noad. The house remained in common ownership with the mill and passed to the Lechmere family in 1919. John Olive’s parents bought the property in 1938 and lived in the house. John, and his wife Phyllis, retired early in 1952, and converted the coach house and stables into their home (Peacock Villa). After his parents died John and Phyllis continued to live in Peacock Villa and sold the house to Roy and Fanny Coleman in 1969.

For more information, see the section on Shawford Mill: https://www.rodevillage.com/history-of-rode/mills-and-factories/shawford-mill/

Above: Section of Ordnance Survey 1866 map
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