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Farthing Row

Farthing Row. In his will of 1729 Henry Whitaker left his grandson, also Henry Whitaker, “all that estate of houses called Farthing Row” and the 1792 map shows a terrace of cottages stretching from 1 Farthing Row almost to the High Street.

1 Farthing Row (White Cottage) was made from two cottages, which were here when the 1806 map was printed. (In figure 35, they are shown in light and dark pink). In 1843, there was a house, smithy and garden, owned and lived in by Sarah Watts. On the opposite side of Farthing Row to no. 1 are the remains of the Temperance Hall (shown in yellow on the map below). If you walk past White Cottage, you will notice a gap before you get to 3 Farthing Row. It is believed by some, that at one time there was a Middle Street at this point. According to Michael Sparey he came across foundations of other buildings and curb and paving stones of what appears to be another street that has long been forgotten.

3 Farthing Row shows on the map for 1806. (On the map below, it is coloured the two shades of green). At that time one cottage was owned by Mary Ninnell and occupied by James Trickey, and the other owned by Joseph Cabell. In 1843 the cottages were owned by Edward Craddock and occupied by Benjamin Craddock and William Lansdown.

Above: Part of Lower Street, the Batch and Farthing Row 1806 Wiltshire map.
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