Church Farm

See also Church Row Farm. The names Church Farm, Church Row Farm and the farm at Church Row appear to have been used indiscriminately in the past and it has been difficult to determine which records are referring to which site.

THE TROWBRIDGE & NORTH WILTS ADVERTISER had this article about Church Row Farm on 19 December 1868:

Incendiary Fires. Already two fires have broken out on the premises of Mr. Henry Saunders, the Church Row Farm, Road, under circumstances which could leave no doubt that they were caused by incendiarism. On Thursday evening in last week the same premises were again fired. On opening a back door, the servant girl was almost stifled by smoke, and she heard a voice saying “Come on,” and sounds as if men were making off. It was then found that the thatch of the calves’ house had been set on fire. An alarm was soon raised, and the fire-engine of the Staplemead Factory, Frome, sent for; but in spite of the efforts made the flames communicated with the dwelling-house. The furniture was hastily removed, but of course considerable damage was sustained, the loss being estimated at £200. The premises are the property of Rev. John Horton… Three persons, named James Nutt, Samuel Martin, and Sydney Fricker have been apprehended by superintendent Deggan, and were remanded. Nutt and Martin have been discharged, but the case against Fricker will be gone into.

Sale of Church (Row) Farm 1883

Notes in file which looks like one of several comments (by Harry Hopkins?) on a draft of History of Some of the Old Houses in Rode by Dawna Pine

Page 1. Church Row Farm: This was sold to Batten Pooll in August 1883 for £4169.3s.8d. As well as the farmhouse, outbuildings and land the estate included 3 cottages adjoining the farmhouse and another farmhouse with outbuildings, land and another 2 cottages adjoining the Bell Inn which was in the occupation of Mr Hancock and his under-tenants.

Mr J. Carter was at Church (Row) Farm as a tenant for many years and when he left in 1904 he was succeeded by Mr Jordan who came from Chipping Sodbury, Glos.

email from Harry Hopkins 13/10/2018

The property mentioned in the Frome Times extract dated 1 Aug 1883 was I think owned by the Rev John Horton. He died in 1883 and an executor was Charles Atkins Collins who was a partner in the firm of solicitors Clark and Collins. They are mentioned in the extract.

Insurance 1921 To 22nd. January 1921 Policy No 13839242 Annual Premium 15/- Mr Maurice Dainton Franks of Church Farm, Road, Farmer.

On a Stack of Hay growth of 1919 situate Bradford Road, Road. Two Hundred Pounds. Dropped.

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