Somerset Foodie

Somerset Foodie is a wonderful local resource for an amazing range of authentic foodie ingredients from all over the world. It’s run by Ben Tollworthy, who’s on a mission to transform the meals we create at home, bringing the best of the global street food scene to our family table and taking us on a new foodie adventure every day! Ben has been working with professional chefs for over 20 years, helping them to recreate iconic global street food dishes.

Through Somerset Foodie you can buy authentic ingredients and follow Ben’s inspiring recipes. You can also book into his informal Foodie Workshops in Norton St Philip.

Shop online for FREE LOCAL DELIVERY* to Rode and local towns and villages in their ZERO emission van. (Min order value £20).

Visit their WAREHOUSE SHOP at Church Farm, Parkgate Lane, Rode BA11 6AA. Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. You’ll get 1:1 recipe tips and foodie advice from Ben!

8 August 2023
Last Updated
23 March 2024