Fussels Fine Foods

The Fussell family have been farming in Somerset for generations and set up the Fussels Fine Food Company in 2005, selling quality rapeseed oil as a West Country alternative to imported olive oils. Being the producers of rapeseed oil, Tim & Andy oversee every aspect of the rapeseed oil farming production, from sowing to cold pressing and bottling. And, because they store the seed, not the oil, what they bottle and sell as Fussels cold pressed extra virgin oil is always wonderfully fresh from plant to plate.

Producing oil from rapeseed has grown dramatically in popularity over the last few years, topping the leader board as the healthier choice for cooking. It’s without a doubt that Fussels provide the best quality rapeseed oil on the market, supported by loyal customers and a plethora of 5 star reviews of Fussels products.

You can buy their rapeseed oil in the Fussels shop and other retailers across the country, but you can also buy Fussels golden rapeseed oil and have it delivered right to your door, thanks to their online store. Fussels rapeseed oil is also the main staple ingredient in their other product ranges of mayonnaise, dressings, flavoured oils, vinaigrettes, and gift boxes.

For more details, including farm tours, talks, classes, and a link to the on-line shop, go to: https://fusselsfinefoods.co.uk/

20 October 2023
Last Updated
23 March 2024