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Potential flooding & drainage issues – update

After the recent heavy rains, combined with waterlogged fields and blocked drains, there was the potential for flooding of some properties in the village (in particular certain stretches of High Street, and certain properties in the Old Brewery). In common with many parts of Somerset the greatest risks were on or around 4th January….the Somerset Council Highways team responsible for the old Mendip area received over 100 flood-related calls on 4th January.

The works undertaken over the period 2021 – 2023 as part of the flood alleviation project undoubtedly reduced risks (both in High Street and elsewhere) [See the relevant section elsewhere on this site: https://www.rodevillage.com/parish-council/natural-environment/flood-prevention/ ]

However, some problems still remain – notably on Crooked Lane and Straight Lane, and behind the Old Brewery site. Water run-off from the fields, combined with blocked drains, can result in large volumes of water running down the High Street. Likewise, waterlogged fields on the land behind the Old Brewery can cause excess water to accumulate there.

Rode Parish Council and County Councillor Dawn Denton have been working on some solutions in conjunction with Somerset Council and others.

The key actions are as follows:

• An inspection of Crooked Lane was arranged in November, and an order was placed with the Somerset Council operations team to cleanse the existing drainage system. This was added to the works programme which started on 8th January, and this work has been completed;
• Some minor improvements on Crooked Lane will take place (to include siding back of highway verges to better channel surface water and undertaking some minor re-profiling of the existing surface);
• An upgrade to a length of drainage towards the bottom of Crooked Lane (which has collapsed) has been included in the structural maintenance programme for the new financial year – although there are many sites across the county that need to be prioritised, and this work may not be completed for some time;
• A site meeting took place on 16th January with a representative of Somerset Council Highways, and as a result the drains along Straight Lane (from the junction with Parkgate Lane and Crooked Lane) will be jetted and cleansed in due course;
• Rode Parish Council will liaise with Clive Harrington with a view to arranging a regular (annual) sweep of key roads/lanes in the village to remove surface debris/leaves etc (likely to take place around November, after major autumnal leaf-fall).
• Rode Parish Council is liaising with the landowner, such that minor works can take place in the fields behind the Old Brewery to minimise the risks to those properties

16 January 2024
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16 January 2024
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