Bluebell Wood Solar Farm

Early in 2023 a company called Low Carbon announced their intention to construct a large-scale Solar Farm on land adjacent to the village. Outline information was delivered to local residents, and two virtual meetings held with parish councillors. A drop-in consultation event was held in May, with representatives from Low Carbon available to answer residents’ questions.

Low Carbon also set up a website containing information about the proposal:

A formal planning application was submitted to Somerset Council in November 2023. Full details of the application can be found on the Somerset Council website: (select Mendip, then “Find an application”, and enter the reference for the application: 2023/2183/FUL)

At its meeting on 11th December, Rode Parish Council voted unanimously to oppose the application, for various reasons. The PC’s submission to Somerset Council can be accessed below.

In early February Low Carbon provided an update to the Parish Council regarding progress of the application:

  • Low Carbon is working with the various parties who have made objections and/or require further information (eg: Highways, Landscape Officer, Conservation Officer, etc)
  • One definite change to the application will be to remove some of the panels from the immediate proximity of Flexham Farm
  • This work may enable them to provide relevant documentation to the Case Officer in time to have the application discussed at the March (East) Planning Committee meeting of Somerset Council (5th March)
  • More likely, it will go to the April meeting (2nd April)

At the end of February, Somerset Council confirmed that there would be a re-consultation, as a result of the additional information which had been required, and the changes made to the application. The deadline for further comments is 14th March 2024.

26 July 2023
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4 March 2024