Kelly’s Directory for Rode in 1866

Kelly’s Directory for 1866 records seven grocers, four bakers, five butchers, six shoe shops, two tailors, three drapers, four carpenters, two plasterers, a plumber/glazier, an earthenware dealer, an ironmonger and a gig & handle maker.

Moving up Lower Street from 25 Lower St., there was, at one time or another; a cobbler (24); toyshop, specialist butcher (21); bakery (20); general shop, Heath (18); bakery (17); grocer (14); butcher and slaughterhouse (12);  bake house and shop (11); cabinet maker and undertaker (10); coal merchant (9);  blacksmith (8); fish and chip shop, (Silcocks Hall); butcher, then fish shop, (attached to the Red Lion).

Likewise, passing along High Street from the school there was; a grocer, draper & P.O. (8); harness shop, Gee later a barber (The Chimes); plumber, painter, decorator & cycle agents (18); baker & grocer (Cross Keys Inn);  mineral water supplier, then cobbler, brewery offices, barber (21); high class butcher (22); butcher then, tailor & draper, fruit shop, clock repairer, surgery (23); general grocer & sweet shop (24); shoe maker then grocer & baker, boot maker, (25 &25a); baker, grocer & P.O. (32); grocer & P.O. (33); draper, grocer, general factor & P.O. (3, 4 & 5 Hughes Court); fruiterer & newsagent (38); grocer & sweet shop (63); blacksmith (Forge Cottage); organ maker (71a)

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