Silcocks Hall

Extract from “History of Some of the Old Buildings in Rode” by Dawna Pine, second edition:

Silcocks Hall is the building attached to the cottage at 2 Lower Street. It is located behind the two Silcocks-built houses on the High Street (27 & 29). It has a date stone of 1868 above the door. According to the 1883 Kelly’s Directory, it was built in 1872 by Edward Silcocks to and he granted the use of it free to the village for entertainments. However, the Directory for 1897 said the hall was built in 1866 and would hold about 200 persons.

Above: 2, Lower Street (2024)

Extract from list of old shops written c1970:

Built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee(?) – Vicar collected Church tithes here, later a fish and chip shop. The Hall was used for meetings and events by several organisations including the Church Union Friendly Society and the Mechanics Institute.

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