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Rode (Farleigh Castle) Brass Band

Extract from The Jubilee Clock – A History of the Jubilee Clock and the Reading Rooms, 1887 to 2006

“There were many activities, one of them being a performance beneath the Jubilee Clock at 1.15pm by the Farleigh Castle Brass Band led by the bandmaster, Edward Woolley of Road. At 1.30 pm the teachers and schoolchildren of the Roadhill National School and Sunday School (some 140) assembled beneath the clock, as did the Baptist Sunday School (about 70), and then the oldest village Sunday School, the Wesleyans (also about 70), and many other villagers and children also gathered there. All in all it was estimated there were between 300 and 400 people beneath the clock in the old market area of Road. The Farleigh Band, dressed in their smart new uniforms led them all to the Road Manor grounds for sports, entertainments and tea.”

Rode Brass Band c 1887
Rode Brass Band c 1905 (F Woolley standing, 6th from left)
Rode Brass Band, taking part in the village parade to celebrate the Coronation of King George V, 1911
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