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Welcome to the Rode History website.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on the history of the village of Rode in Somerset, England.

The site is in the form of a catalogue of references to documents, newspaper articles, books and pictures containing information about the village and its inhabitants. The catalogue is divided into the categories listed on the left and these are further subdivided as necessary.

To use the catalogue, click on a category of interest in the list on the left and then make further selections as necessary to find references about a specific subject.  Links are also provided to the content of some of the referenced documents.

Details and pictures of historical features can also be obtained on the Somerset Heritage Environment Record (HER) website.
The site contains a map of Somerset showing the location of all the known historical features in the county,including listed buildings.  Click on this link to the HER site.  Then click on  "View sites on a map". Use the direction and zoom tools to navigate across the map to Rode and click on the sites of interest.  Log in to the site to get more detail - its quick and simple.

If you find an error 
on this website, or you have any information which you would be happy to have included or linked, please contact Peter Harris on 01373 830928 or by email

Last revised 6/11/2015 with addition of announcement of new book on history of Rode, see below.

'Discover Rode's Past' is a new book on the history of Rode, a Somerset village, by resident Peter Harris published in November 2015.

A fascinating collection of meticulously referenced material traces Rode's evolution from a river crossing point for a Neolithic trackway, through Saxon settlement, Norman overlords, expansion during the centuries of trade in the woollen industry to the astonishing number of shops and pubs of yesteryear, all interwoven with accounts of the families who lived in and helped shape the village. Each chapter is illustrated by the evidence of Rode’s past that can still be seen today, and maps are provided to assist the reader in understanding the development and current layout of the village.  The book contains 100 A5 pages, including appendices detailing lords of the manor, village priests and family trees of wealthier past residents.

Published by 'The Heart of Rode' Committee, 'Discover Rode's Past' is. available at 8.95; locally from the author 01373 830928 and Rode Post Office; or by mail order from Camden MSS, Barrow Farm, Rode, Frome, BA11 6PS, tel +44(0)1373 830151, online @ 8.95 + packing & postage.

All profits go to 'The Heart of Rode' appeal in support of St. Lawrence church, probably the oldest building in the village.

A Pictorial History Of Rode - where Mr Whicher had his suspicions’ by Peter Harris, contains over 50 pages with 80+ rare and old pictures arranged in the form of a walking tour around the village.  The images and accompanying dialogue provide a fascinating insight into Rode’s eventful history. Included are a timeline of the village, family trees of  wealthier past residents and a map outlining the walk.  Only a few left.

Also published by ‘The Heart of Rode’ Committee. Available at 6.95 from the author, 01373-830928, Rode Post Office or by mail order from Camden MSS, Barrow Farm, Rode, Frome, BA11 6PS, tel. +44(0)1373-830151, online  6.95 + packing & postage.